Information For North Devon Council Schools

Mrs Recycle is a popular character in North Devon and even though she is was funded to provide fun, informative and educational workshops over the last 7 years to all North Devon Schools she is now NOT funded by North Devon Council, so hopefully her recommendations will encourage you to book her to visit your school, community group, youth club, gardening club, Mothers' Union or WI Group..

Mrs Recycle still provides a wealth of information in her colourful workshops with practical support and ideas for waste related activities. To encourage pupils / students / group members to adopt a more responsible attitude to the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), however she would also like to promote her  -


"WOW Recreate


Having sourced huge bags crammed full, boxes bulging and other containers FULL of clean, safe, unwanted waste, Mrs Recycle encourages others to make wanted items. These sessions are not your normal " Junk Model" sessions, where they are enjoyed for a few days and then binned - these crafts, become home and garden ornaments - enjoyed by many and for just a many years ! Even the Mrs Recycle flower pot person has received her own Green Blue Peter badge - for her creation !! So please get in touch and discuss the slide scale fee for you own schools or group at